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Everything starts with dedication.

SOHub was founded by Socrates Omiliadis to improve the digital standards in Greece. Since our establishment in 2018, we here at SOHub are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our work with our every step.

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― About Us

We believe that any project in the digital world is a result of an outstanding idea.

That's why we here at SOHub, use state-of-the-art techniques to turn your ideas into reality. We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from website or e-commerce store creation to design and marketing.

Things that inspire us every day.

Our clients.

In collaboration with our clients, we strengthen the legacy of their brand and become part of their team. Our initial approach is to get acquainted with the product or service they offer in order to understand the purpose, ideology and spirit of the brand to achieve the best possible results.

Our innovative approach.

Since we are a large and flexible team, we can efficiently adapt to the different needs of each project. We believe that the most creative ideas live both inside and outside the "walls" of our company. That is why we channel our life experiences into creating original projects for our clients.

Our team.

As a team, we are constantly trying to improve our projects. We follow an effective approach that allows us to pay attention to every detail and execute everything with precision. We are able to quickly understand our client's purpose and convey a targeted message based on their business goals.

Result oriented.

We believe that there are no limits to both imagination and possibilities. The SOHub team creates unique digital experiences that are enjoyable for the users. We solve any challenges that our customers may face quickly and efficiently, taking into account the dynamics of the markets, the audience and the needs of the brand.

Our Three-Step Process

We follow the right procedure to save time and effort while dealing with complex projects.


The main factor for the success of any project is to have a clear understanding of it, which is achieved through cooperating with our client and researching each subject.


Based on the research we conducted, we begin creating the appropriate strategy for executing each project.

Using the strategy we formed as a foundation we begin implementing each project, whether it is a website, branding or anything else.

It's about time you made the jump to the digital world!

Don't fret though! We are here to make sure that the transition to the digital world will be as smooth as possible with the services we offer, like: website or ecommerce development, social media management, marketing campaigns and much more!

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